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Fig. 1

From: Locus-aware decomposition of gene trees with respect to polytomous species trees

Fig. 1

An example of locus trees for \(G=((a_1,b_2),(b_3,c_4))\) with two decompositions \(F_1\) and \(F_2\) consistent with \(S=(a, (b, c),d)\). These decompositions are created by cuts indicated with red color. \(M^X :G \rightarrow S\) is shown for every set of cuts X (for internal nodes). Here, \(\Lambda (F_1,S)=\Lambda (F_2,S)=0\), \(\Delta (F_1)=\) \(2\cdot \mathbf {GAIN}\) and \(\Delta (F_2)=3\cdot \mathbf {GAIN}\), i.e., \(F_1\) is optimal

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