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Fig. 5

From: Locus-aware decomposition of gene trees with respect to polytomous species trees

Fig. 5

An example of the validation of a decomposition with one non-admissible event. Top A species tree S and a gene tree G decomposed into 4 trees \((a_1,b_1)\) (blue), \((a_4,c_1)\) (green), \(a_2\) (red) and \(a_3\) (light blue). Bottom (3 rows) DTL scenarios \(E_1\)-\(E_3\) with embeddings. In scenarios \(E_1\) and \(E_2\) there is one non-admissible HGT terminating in \(a_4\) and \(c_1\), respectively, while \(E_3\) has one non-admissible duplication at the root

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