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Fig. 3 | Algorithms for Molecular Biology

Fig. 3

From: Improved de novo peptide sequencing using LC retention time information

Fig. 3

The retention time t of a path pair (PQ) is the sum of the retention time coefficients up to the last characters \(\mathtt {p_2}\) and \(\mathtt {q_3}\). The path pair \((P',Q)\) resulting from a balanced extension of (PQ) by an edge with label \(\mathtt {l_1l_2}\) has retention time \(t+t(\mathtt {p_2},\mathtt {l_1}) + t(\mathtt {l_1},\mathtt {l_2})\). A path pair \((P',Q)\) with \(m(l(P')) + m(l(Q)) = M\) can be combined to a solution string \(\mathtt {S}\) by concatenating \(l(P')\) and the reversed string of \(l(Q)\). The retention time of \(\mathtt {S}\) is \(t_{\text {nei}}(\mathtt { P',Q }) + t(\mathtt {l_2},\mathtt {q_3})\)

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