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Fig. 2

From: Superbubbles revisited

Fig. 2

An example graph with in which all (weak) superbubbloids and (weak) superbubbles are marked. In a are all weak superbubbloids (blue) and all superbubbloids (green) marked. Note that beside \(\langle 0,2\rangle\) and \(\langle 7,10\rangle\) all weak superbubbloids are also superbubbloids. In b are all weak superbubbles (blue) and all superbubbles (green) marked. The weak superbubbloids \(\langle 0,2\rangle\) is the only superbubbloids that creates no (weak) superbubble. So that \(\langle 7,10\rangle\) is the only superbubble that is not a weak superbubble

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