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Fig. 5

From: Superbubbles revisited

Fig. 5

Some example DAGS and the The corresponding ordering and values for \(\mathop {\mathbf {OutParent}}\) and \(\mathop {\mathbf {OutChild}}\) are shown. The ordering starts for all graphs in a. In ac the DAGs are shown. Here are the superbubbles are marked with a blue. In df are the ordering and values of \(\mathop {\mathbf {OutParent}}\) and \(\mathop {\mathbf {OutChild}}\) are shown. All intervals that fulfill (F1) or (F2) are marked red. The intervals that fulfill both and also the minimality criterion are marked blue. Note that by definition a and b can not be part of any superbubble and so they can not fulfill (F1) or (F2) so intervals that would contain a or b are not marked

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