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Fig. 5

From: Regmex: a statistical tool for exploring motifs in ranked sequence lists from genomics experiments

Fig. 5

Quantile-quantile plots for observed and expected p-values of 6-mer motif runs. ac, runs using Sylamer. df, runs using Regmex with the Modified Rank Sum method. The comparison employed a data set of mir-430 overexpression in zebrafish that was also used in the original presentation of Sylamer. In a and d, the un-modified data set was used. In b and e, the gene rank was randomly re-sampled. In c and f, the 10-mer AATGCCCGGT was spiked into the re-sampled sequence rank from b and e: a single motif was inserted 100 times randomly among the top 500 ranked sequences and two motifs were inserted 50 times among the first 100 sequences. Gray lines indicate Bonferroni corrected significance at the 0.05 level

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