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Table 1 Rank correlation p-values for URM (U) and seed target (S) motifs

From: Regmex: a statistical tool for exploring motifs in ranked sequence lists from genomics experiments

miRNA Seed target (S) (SN*U)|(UN*S) UN*S SN*U Refs.
miR-7 2.6e−03 1.5e−13 2.4e−11 9.6e−05 [26]
miR-9 6.6e−09 1.5e−17 2.6e−19 1.2e−05 [26]
miR-16 1.8e−178 7.3e−147 5.7e−65 9.2e−76 [27]
MiR-106b 2.5e−99 9.7e−158 4.5e−145 1.8e−58 [27]
MiR-122a 3.2e−02 4.1e−05 7.6e−04 2.7e−02 [26]
MiR-128a 6.6e−19 2.2e−48 4.7e−33 8.2e−21 [26]
MiR-132 2.4e−08 3.7e−27 3.9e−33 1.2e−07 [26]
MiR-133a 5.1e−04 9.4e−09 5.7e−06 4.3e−03 [26]
MiR-142 2.4e−05 1.4e−13 1.0e−11 6.0e−05 [26]
MiR-148b 6.3e−09 1.9e−11 3.2e−12 3.4e−04 [26]
MiR-181a 7.9e−17 3.9e−53 2.4e−46 5.1e−18 [26]
  1. p-values for RE motifs involving URM (U) and miRNA seed site targets (S) in different combinations for miRNA over-expression data sets. All p-values were calculated with the Brownian bridge method. N denotes any nucleotide