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Table 2 Rank correlation p-values for URM (U) and seed target (S) motifs

From: Regmex: a statistical tool for exploring motifs in ranked sequence lists from genomics experiments

Brownian bridge
Regmex modified rank sum DRIMust Sylamer
GCCCGG 1.23e−230* 5.91e−70 3.07e−116 1.20e−34
CCCGGT 1.77e−210* 4.55e−52 8.19e−110 5.95e−27
TGCCCG 9.90e−200* 3.35e−49 1.23e−98 4.13e−50
ATGCCC 6.63e−125* 1.73e−24 2.09e−65 2.89e−42
AATGCC 1.76e−60* 1.90e−10 7.78e−38 1.44e−29
CCGGTa 1.91−45* 1.09e−05 6.55e−31 5.00e−06
CCGGTt 2.80e−17* 0.020 2.58e−15 n.s.
CCGGTg 6.49−11* n.s. 1.27e−09 n.s.
CCGGTc 1.16e−06 0.0044 1.06e−11* n.s.
tAATGC n.s. n.s. 0.00014* n.s.
cAATGC n.s. n.s. 0.0018* n.s.
  1. p-value outputs for 6-mer motifs overlapping a 10-mer spiked into a randomly re-ordered gene list for three methods, Regmex, Sylamer and DRIMust. Motif bases overlapping the 10-mer spike-in are in capital
  2. n.s. Not significant
  3. *Most significant method