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Fig. 3

From: Constrained incremental tree building: new absolute fast converging phylogeny estimation methods with improved scalability and accuracy

Fig. 3

Using quartet queries to place new taxa. When adding a taxon x into the tree t, all valid quartet queries are allowed to vote for the edges in the tree (see Fig. 2) and x is then added to the edge that receives the most votes. In this figure, we show x being placed into edge uv, based on the following possible vote outcomes: The query at p returns tree ab|xc and so votes for \(\{pu, uc, uv, vd, vq, qe, qf\},\) and similarly the queries at u and v vote for \(\{uv, vd, vq, qe, qf\}\) and \(\{uv, uc, up, pb, pa\},\) respectively. The query at q is not valid and does not get to vote. Our algorithm guarantees that queries at uv are valid with high probability. Note that internal nodes are boxed and taxon nodes are circled

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