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Table 1 Possible repairs for the function A \(\wedge\) B and which repairs are used to achieve them

From: Repairing Boolean logical models from time-series data using Answer Set Programming

Function Repairs used
\(\lnot A \wedge \lnot B\) n
\(\lnot A \wedge B\) n
\(A \wedge \lnot B\) n
\(A \vee B\) s
\(\lnot A \vee B\) s,n
\(A \vee \lnot B\) s,n
\(\lnot A \vee \lnot B\) s,n
A r
B r
\(\lnot A\) r,n
\(\lnot B\) r,n
\((A \vee B) \wedge (\lnot A \vee \lnot B)\)
\((A \wedge B) \vee (\lnot A \wedge \lnot B)\)