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Fig. 6

From: TMRS: an algorithm for computing the time to the most recent substitution event from a multiple alignment column

Fig. 6

Distributions of \(t_{\text {MRS}}, \sigma\) and q in the human genome. The top panels show the sampling distribution of statistics \(t_{\text {MRS}}\)-q (left) and \(\sigma\)-q (right) in the human genome. In these panels, a total of 2,063,207 alignment columns were sampled from the human genome excluding repeat regions. The bottom panels show the densities of q (left) and \(t_{\text {MRS}}\) (with \(q<0.01\)) (right) for several types of genomic region: CDS, 5\('\)UTR, 3\('\)UTR, Intron, and Intergenic

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