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Table 4 Effects of filtering by probability q of no mutation

From: TMRS: an algorithm for computing the time to the most recent substitution event from a multiple alignment column

q thresholdPositive fractionFDR for no mutation% error of \(t_{\text {MRS}}\)
  1. We computed a few statistical measures for the simulation dataset obtained by forward sampling of base mutation history. The first column represents the threshold values \(q_{\text {threshold}}\). ‘positive fraction’ represents the fraction of alignment columns with \(q < q_{\text {threshold}}\). ‘FDR for no mutation’ represents the fraction of the alignment columns that have no mutation along the target lineage but satisfy \(q<q_{\text {threshold}}\). ‘% error of \(t_{\text {MRS}}\)’ represents the mean % error of estimated \(t_{\text {MRS}}\) relative to the total edge length of the target lineage