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Table 8 Tissue-concestor interval correlation for genes

From: TMRS: an algorithm for computing the time to the most recent substitution event from a multiple alignment column

TissueIntervalZ-score\(-\log _{10}(\text {p-value})\)EnrichmentObserved
Artery aortaEutheria–Tetrapoda5.739.761.36122
Pineal glandEuarchontoglires–Eutheria5.508.051.28217
  1. The top three tissues that have genes with sites corresponding to specific concestor intervals are shown. Within each tissue, the top three concestor intervals are shown. The sorting order is based on Z-scores that are based on the hypergeometric test and indicate the significance of enrichment of specific concestor intervals in tissue-specific genes. ‘\(-\log _{10}(\text {p-value})\)’ is the minus log10 p-value of the test computed using the phyper() function in the R programming language. ‘Enrichment’ is the fold enrichment within the concestor interval relative to the expected occurrence by random sampling. ‘Observed’ is the number of Entrez genes that have both attributes of the tissue and interval columns