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Table 1 EC space for 20 points and number of cluster (nmc) of 11

From: GrpClassifierEC: a novel classification approach based on the ensemble clustering space

Point 1c0c2c3c2c2c4c5c4c4c5
Point 2c0c0c3c3c2c4c4c4c4c2
Point 3c0c2c2c4c5c5c6c6c6c6
Point 4c1c0c0c3c3c2c2c3c3c3
Point 5c0c0c3c3c2c2c4c2c2c2
Point 6c0c2c3c2c4c4c5c4c4c5
Point 7c0c2c3c2c4c4c5c5c5c4
Point 8c0c2c2c4c4c5c6c6c6c6
Point 9c1c0c0c3c3c2c2c3c3c3
Point 10c0c2c3c2c4c4c5c5c4c5
Point 11c0c2c2c2c4c5c6c5c5c4
Point 12c0c2c2c2c4c5c6c5c5c4
Point 13c0c2c2c2c4c5c6c5c5c4
Point 14c0c2c3c2c2c4c5c4c4c5
Point 15c0c2c2c2c4c5c6c5c5c4
Point 16c0c2c3c2c4c4c5c5c4c5
Point 17c0c2c3c2c4c5c5c5c5c4
Point 18c0c2c3c2c2c4c5c4c4c5
Point 19c0c0c3c3c2c2c4c2c2c2
Point 20c0c2c2c2c4c5c6c5c5c4
  1. First column is the point name, second column is the results of assigning k-means of each point into two clusters (c0 and c1), the third column is the result of assigning k-means for each point into 3 clusters etc.