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Table 4 Assembly results for the Rmap dataset of the climbing perch genome

From: Fast and efficient Rmap assembly using the Bi-labelled de Bruijn graph

Assembler Run time Peak Memory No. of contigs Max Mean GF(%) MA
Solve 156 d 16 Gb 907 1032 (8.4 Mbp) 104 (7.9 Mbp) 97.6 5
\({\textsc {rmapper}}\) 7.5 h 9.7 4573 217 (1.6 Mbp) 32 (0.28 Mbp) 92.07 0
\({\textsc {rmapper}}\)2.0 14.9 h 18.8 4972 294 (2.4 Mbp) 42 (0.4 Mbp) 95.05 0
  1. The data was generated for the Vertebrate Genomes Project and it consists of 3121480 Rmaps with mean size of 28 fragments. The restriction enzyme used in the experiment is BspQI. See Table 2 for a description of the assembly statistics and notation. As described in the text, rmapper2.0 extracts bi-labels from Rmaps in both forward and reverse directions. Bionano Solve halted with a fatal error message in its final scaffolding step. We used the latest assembly result produced by the Solve in order to compare their assembly quality