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Table 1 Correspondence between group testing and the drug resistance prediction problem

From: INGOT-DR: an interpretable classifier for predicting drug resistance in M. tuberculosis

Term Meaning: group testing Meaning: drug resistance Notation Domain
Row dimension Number of tests Number of isolates m \(\mathbb {N}\)
Column dimension Population size Number of SNPs/variants n \(\mathbb {N}\)
Sparsity/rule size Infection prevalence Number of relevant SNPs k \(\{0, 1, \dots , n\}\)
Design matrix Test membership Genotype matrix A \(\{0,1\}^{m \times n}\)
Outcome vector Test result vector Phenotype/label vector y \(\{0,1\}^{m}\)
Status vector Infected/uninfected Relevant/irrelevant to DR w \(\{0,1\}^{n}\)