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Table 1 List of the full names and database accession numbers of coronavirus species used in our research. Species were chosen from the dataset studied in [53]

From: Embedding gene trees into phylogenetic networks by conflict resolution algorithms

Abbreviated name Organism name Accession Number (GenBank/GISAID) Host organism
Hu-Wuhan BetaCoV Wuhan-Hu-1 \(NC_045512.2\) Human
Hu-Italy hCoV-19/Italy/ ABR-IZSGC-TE4836/2020 \(EPI_ISL_418260\) Human
RaTG13 Bat CoV RaTG13 MN996532.1 Bat
Guangdong-Png hCoV-19/pangolin/ Guangdong/1/2019 \(EPI_ISL_410721\) Pangolin
Guanxi-Png-P2V Pangolin CoV isolate \(PCoV_GX-P2V\) MT072864 Pangolin
Bat-CoVZC45 Bat SARS-like CoV isolate bat-SL-CoVZC45 MG772933.1 Bat
Bat-CoVZXC21 Bat SARS-like CoV isolate bat-SL-CoVZXC21 MG772934.1 Bat
Bat-CoV273 Bat CoV BtCoV/273/2005 DQ648856.1 Bat
Bat-CoV 279 Bat CoV BtCoV/279/2005 DQ648857.1 Bat
HKU3-12 Bat SARS CoV HKU3-12 GQ153547.1 Bat
Rf1 Bat SARS CoV Rf1 DQ412042.1 Bat
SARS SARS CoV BJ01 AY278488.2 Human
SARS-BJ182-4 SARS CoV BJ182-4 EU371562 Human
Rs3367 Bat SARS-like CoV Rs3367 KC881006.1 Bat
BM48-31-BGR Bat CoV BM48-31/ BGR/2008 GU190215.1 Bat