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Table 1 Dataset of mutations studied.

From: Scoring function to predict solubility mutagenesis

# Article Study Mutants Pred TOT
1 [42] Mutagenesis experiments for APOBEC3G L260A, C261A, W168A, C281A, C288A, C308A L234A, L235A, F241A, L253A, L371A 9 11
2 [44] AA replacement improving solubility N159D 0 1
3 [45] AA Contribution to solubility Y76 D, Y76R, Y76 S, Y76E, Y76K, Y76G, Y76A, Y76 H, Y76N, Y76P, Y76C, Y76 M, Y76V, Y76L, Y76I, Y76F, Y76W 12 17
4 [46] mutagenesis of Ab42 s'Alzheimer's peptide F19 D, F19E, F19N, F19R, F19Q, F19 H, F19T, F19G, F19K, F19P, F19 S, F19A, F19C, F19 M, F19W, F19Y, F19L, F19V, F19I 18 19
5 [47] Polymerization and solubility of recombination E6F, E6W, E6L 2 3
6 [48] Genetic selection for protein solubility (H6Q/V12A/V24A/I32M/V36G), (V12A/I32T/L34P), (V12E/V18E/M35T/I41N), (F19S/L34P), (L34P), (F4I/S8P/V24A/L34P), I32S 6 7
7 [49] Isolation of viral coat protein mutants (A26T/I118F), N27 S, A107T (N24S/C46R/A96V/N116S), Q109L, (V48A/Q109H), I104V, (N12D/S34G/S52P/I92M/C101R/Q109L/S120T), (A21S/N24D/Q40R/V79A), (Q6L/N12D/I33T/R56C/F95L), (T15N/N24S/V29A/W32C/T45S/I60T/N98Y/I104N/S126P), (V61E/L103F/K106R/Y129H), (F4S/W32R/Q50R) 13 13
8 [50] Improved solubility of TEV protease (T17S/N68D/I77V), (T17S/R80S) 2 2
9 [51] Primary structure and solubility W131A, V165K, A104T, Y203 H, W140F, C19Y, P28T, V32 M, G36R, T288 M, A384P, C70 S, C26 S, C93 S, W140K, W140L, W140C, (W86F/W140F), (W130F/W140F), P28K, H44Y, (W86F/W130F/W140F), R68C, G346 S, G349 S, A198V 21 26
10 [52] Substitutions affecting protein solubility K97R, (K113F/W140K), (K113F/W140L), (K113F/W140C), K63 M, L104 M, T90A, L87 M, (T90A/E97A), L127 M, V74F, E97A, K69 M, (T345L/M358R), M358L, K97G, K97V, W140C, L10N, L10 D, L10T 12 21
11 [53] Dual selection for functionally active mutants (Y35Q/F37R), (Y35L/F37T), (Y35G/F37L), (Y35L/F37R), K27E 4 5
12 [54] Assay for increased protein solubility K185F, K185I, K185V, K185L, K185N, K185D 6 6
13 [55] Phage T4 vertex protein gp24 (E89A/E90A) 1 1
14 [56] Human cell surface receptor CD58 (Q21V/S85T/S1F/K9V/K58V/G93L) 1 1
15 [57] Solubility and folding of a genetic marker W232E, Y242E, I317E, (G32D/I33P) 4 4
  1. Key: Multi-point mutants have each substitution separated by "/", and the entire mutant enclosed within braces. Pred gives the number of mutants correctly predicted by the LP-based method, out of the total number given under TOT.