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Table 1 Empirical properties of the simulated datasets used in this study: gene tree heterogeneity, the average normalized RF distance between true gene trees and true species trees (GT-HET); average gene tree estimation error (GTEE); and the average distance of the ASTRID reference tree, to the true gene trees

From: Non-parametric correction of estimated gene trees using TRACTION

 GT-HETGTEEDistance ASTRID to true gene trees
ILS-only, low ILS, 26 species [25]
 # sites varies0.100.320.08
ILS-only, high ILS, 26 species [25]
 # sites varies0.360.400.33
ILS+HGT, moderate HGT (m5), 51 species [29]
 100 sites0.540.630.55
 250 sites0.540.470.55
 500 sites0.540.470.54
ILS+HGT, high HGT (m6), 51 species [29]
 100 sites0.680.620.68
 250 sites0.680.460.68
 500 sites0.680.380.68
  1. The publications from which the simulated datasets are taken are also indicated. In total we analyzed 68,000 genes with varying levels and causes of true gene tree heterogeneity (to the true species tree) and gene tree estimation error. The ILS-only conditions each had 20 replicates, and the ILS+HGT conditions each had 50 replicates